Hey! So last night I decided to make pretzels! And I was so excited to post the recipe for you guys... until I tasted them.

They turned into a disaster.

I tried doing them with all purpose flour and another batch with mostly rice and some sorghum flour. Now if any of you understand gluten at all, you'll know that it gives dough its elastic quality so you knead it. Well, silly me, I tried to do that with the other flour mixture only to slap myself in the forehead and realize that you can't knead it and it won't be elastic because of the lack of gluten! So I had little hope for that mixture.

The all purpose pretzel turned out so-so but wasn't all that great. It was too salty (I even did sugar and cinnamon on one half) and the butter I used just made it taste weird. It didn't have much flavor. Both mixtures were too dry and the gluten free mixture was just plain nasty.

So I'm assuming you guys don't want the recipe for them.
Sorry I don't have a recipe to post today! If I have time to make something before work today, I will, and I'll try to get the recipe up for tomorrow. But no promises.

Sorry everyone!


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