Hey all!!

Once again, another year of school is coming to an end. I apologize once more for not updating regularly. I am a full time college student and I have a job and boyfriend on the side so I don't have much free time. BUT... this year is almost over! I have a few finals and papers due this week and next week is finals week. Then I have summer classes through mid-June and a practicum/internship all summer along with my job. But I will have much more free time this summer!

I don't exactly have time right now to post a recipe but I just wanted to update you guys!

I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist tomorrow and an appointment with an allergist Tuesday. I am still having slight reactions so I'm going to have another allergy test. I mean, what allergist doesn't test for fish, shellfish, and tree nuts!? Those are three of the top eight allergens! Anyways, I will be on in a few days to let you know how it goes!

Also, has anyone tried Namaste foods? They're amazing! All of their products are gluten, wheat, soy, potato, corn, dairy, casein, tree nuts, and peanut free. They're also Kosher, have no genetically modified foods, and are made in a dedicated allergy free facility. I've had the pleasure of tasting all their pastas and they are awesome! I haven't tried any of their baked goods yet though because they require eggs, but I am going to try them with an egg replacer. I'll let you guys know how those are too.

Also, check out Cybele Pascal's website. I love love love the two books she's published and she periodically posts recipes. I am also featured on one of her posts (4/22/11)!

One more thing - you guys should try making your own pizzas! You can buy crusts almost anywhere (gluten free at places like Whole Foods) or gluten free crust mixes. It's easy and super tasty. It's great because you can pick the toppings based on your allergies.
I made a chicken, bacon, pineapple, onion pizza and it was awesome... even without cheese! and I dipped it in barbecue sauce.

If you guys are in Fort Collins, CO... go to Ingredient (locations also at Leawood, KS, Columbia, MO, Downtown Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza, Manhattan, KS, Omaha, NE). It's amazing. You can create your own salad there. You pick what lettuce/greens you want then 5 toppings (different veggies, fruit, meat, etc.) and a choice of dressing. They also have sandwiches, pizza, soups, wraps, and paninis. All of their food is fresh. Apparently they don't even have a freezer!

Anyways, I will be back on in a few days with a recipe hopefully and my allergy test results!


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